02 July 2012

England: A Travel Day

Yesterday was a travel day from Northamptonshire to Cornwall. We took the scenic route through the Cottswolds and then around Tetbury hit the motorway. On the way down we went through Banbury. .Remember the nursery rhyme with a Banbury Cross in it? This is the cross:
Looks like we traveled back in time, based on this fuel price:
Oh, wait, that's a PER LITRE price! £1.319 per litre works out to £4.98 per gallon, which converts to $7.82 per gallon! Thank your  lucky stars, Americans!

I've mentioned roundabouts in a couple of posts. I thought I'd illustrate the signage leading into a busy intersection.

Whilst we didn't go anywhere near Stonehenge, we did pass a very interesting sight, that became even more interesting after we pulled over and entered the grounds. The GPS for some unknown reason, took us past the Rollright Stones. From the brochure that a very nice lady provided (for 50p):
"The Legend goes that a King and his army were marching over the Cottswolds when they met a witch, who addressed the King:
Seven long strides thou shalt take, and
if Long Compton thou canst see

King of England shalt thou be
The king strode forward, but on his seventh stride the ground rose up in a long mound obscuring the view of the village far below. The witch turned them all to stone, the King overlooking Long Compton, the men standing in a circle nearby, and his five knights whispering treachery further off."
The view of the Rollright Stones from the road.
Thought to be erected 2000-2500BC, the exact reasons
are unknown.
Adding to the interest of the site, was Hades the Harris Hawk that was with the woman and boy who were looking after the site for the day.
Hades, the Harris Hawk

This was my first view of the Godrevy Lighthouse this morning. It's located in St. Ives Bay. I'm in the front yard of the Sunset Surf Shop, next door to Derek's house, where I am staying.
Today has been a slow day; slept late, had breakfast at Sunset Surf, then we went to Tesco's. The rest of the day has been spent getting finances up to date (got to keep on top of the expenses), and working on my host's computer for him. Pretty cheap rent I'd say!

Here was my Tesco's shopping list:
(1) Scrumpy's Strong Farm Cyder, 7.49% ABV, 1L, £3.99
(2) Proper Job Powerfully Hopped India Pale Ale, 5.5% ABV, 500mL, £3.98
(2) Doom Bar by Sharp's Exceptional Bottled Beer, 4.3% ABV, 550mL, £3.66
(2) Admiral's Ale "I See No Ships", 5.0% ABV, 500mL, £3.98
(2) Skinner's Cornish Knocker Champion Golden Ale, 4.5% ABV, 500mL, £3.98
(3) Healey's Cornish Rattler "It's Cloudy, It's Cyder, It Bites", 6% ABV, £6.45
(1) Jack Daniel's Black Label Whiskey, 750mL, £24.10
(1) W. West Jerky (beef jerky), £1.99
(1) Crisps & Snack (potato chips), £2.00
Sub-Total: £54.13
Less: £3.60 Multibuy Savings (BEERS: 4 for £5): £3.60
Total: £50.53 ($79.36USD, but I got free wine carriers for it all ;-))

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