12 July 2012

England: Mind Your Head

I was fortunate enough to be able to first visit England back in 2007. One of the things that struck me as rather funny were several signs I saw, typically in old pubs dating back to the 17th century or earlier. If you know anything about anthropology, you know that humans have grown taller over time. I won't try to explain why, mostly because I don't know, but I'm sure you can research it if you wish to dispute this spot of trivia.

Anyway, the sign that I saw was on the exposed rafters in the ceilings of the pubs. It said simply "Mind Your Head". I guess they prefer that you get your headaches from the hangovers rather than the bashing of your skull against their hundreds-year-old rafters. This trip, I decided to document the signs. I could not believe where I found them. It's almost too humourous for words!
A pub in Cambridge

Not technically a Mind Your Head, but the same principle -
try not to get your foot wedged in the obvious 3 inch wide gap
between the train and the platform.

On the bus from Cambridge to Milton Keynes.

Outside the Sea King helicopter at the Maritime Museum.

Under the tail of the helicopter.

In the entryway of a narrowboat at Foxton Locks.

Another pub's warning, rather whimsical!

Seems almost an afterthought.

Another pub.

The entrance to the Miller's Kitchen at the Wayside Museum...

...the inside of the Miller's Kitchen - an entire page above the
I must admit that I missed the worst (or best) example of a Mind Your Head. It was in the Bucket of Blood Inn, but the place was heaving with people, and getting a picture would have been tough. Their sign, on the very low rafter said "DUCK OR GROUSE". The next rafter proclaimed "YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED". Oddly enough, on the back door out to the garden, there was a commercial sign, bright yellow, with a warning triangle and everything that merely said "MIND YOUR HEAD". Maybe next time I'll get a picture of those!

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