10 July 2012

England: Falmouth

Today we ventured over to Falmouth, which is a rather large port city along the English Channel. We took a new route that Derek had never driven, down a fair number of country lanes where we dodged tractors and oncoming lorries - at one point there might have been an inch to spare! It was a pretty ride, as much of the Cornwall countryside is quite picturesque. After getting turned around in Falmouth, we finally found the sign to our destination: The National Maritime Museum Cornwall. The car park cost £3.70 for 3 hours, but it was the closest one to the museum, which is situated at the water's edge behind Discovery Quay (pronounced kee).

The museum was a treat! Their special exhibition was on Search and Rescue, highlighting the Royal Navy and Air Force, and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (a totally volunteer force with state-of-the-art ocean-going lifeboats; it is a charity, completely supported by donations). This was pretty spectacular with a helicopter you could board, and displays and stories of rescues and equipment they use to save lives along the coast.

Other displays include preserved boats of many different types, suspended from the ceiling, and easily viewable from the ramps and mezzanines around the displays.

 Later this evening, we went to the Bucket of Blood Inn. I had a Bucket of Blood Ale, an "eerily spicy ale", quite good actually.
While we were there, the church next door had bell practice!

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