18 August 2010

Dogs, again...

I have a 90-odd pound Lab/Shepherd/Chow mix (think Lab body, Shepherd markings, Chow coat and a black spotted mouth and tongue - and LOTSA fur). I had a conversation about dogs today with a co-worker when she spotted my picture of Bullwinkle on my bulletin board (different pic below, I can't find the other one).

Bull is a calm, submissive dog. He is, in my mind, a wonderful pet. He doesn't jump on people, he loves all other animals, and in general, has no bad habits. He obeys me about 90% of the time (show me a kid that meets that standard). His favorite thing is to make you love him, and therefore receive petting and treats! He gets lots!

She shared with me that her dogs are basically out of control. Savage barking at passers-by. Destroying the house. Jumping up on people. Intolerance of other dogs. All things that mean the dogs think they are in charge. This is a bad situation. You can't enjoy your pet(s) if they run the joint. Take control. Be the calm assertive pack leader.

Here's the answer. Use dog psychology. Cesar Milan does. I did with Bull long before I ever watched the Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic Channel. Cesar's way works. Owners must be calm assertive pack leaders. I am. Lord knows I am calm (mostly). Owners must own their territory. I do. Owners must be consistent. I am (though in many pet homes, there are as many ways of acting out with the dog as there are people living there - and there's only me here).

Try Cesar's way, you'll like it!