18 September 2010

A Great Quote

"Imagination disposes of everything; it creates beauty, justice, and happiness, which are everything in this world."
- Blaise Pascal

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12 September 2010

Pet Peeve

I am convinced that we as Americans have become obsessed with packaging. That's right, merchandise packaging. The warnings are bad enough (see the previous post). And I can pinpoint when this started.

The Tylenol scare. Way back in 1982, someone tampered with Tylenol and seven people died. Johnson & Johnson then invented tamper-proof packaging for medicines. That's probably a good thing. But how difficult does it have to be to get the seals off? Most require two hands, a knife or scapel or other tool to penetrate. At least some have figured out a nice little piece of plastic that allows you to pull the seal off easily. I wish the others would, too.

But why did we need to start making everything else impenetrable? CDs were probably first. The shrink wrapping was bloody impossible to get open, and it took them a long time to incorporate a film strip to pull and open it - which usually broke and left you stranded and searching for a pair of scissors. Some still don't have it. GET A CLUE PEOPLE!!!

The plastic blister package has taken the world by storm. It's been around a while. But now it requires a fricking chain saw to open, and once opened, leaves sharp edges that can actually cut you. Why is this level of protection required for batteries, toys, almost anything smaller than a refrigerator?

I bought a big package of toilet paper. I tore open the plastic wrap on it, reached in for a roll, and my hand hit the SECOND plastic bag the rolls were in. What the bloody hell are you protecting me from? This is toilet paper, ffs!

Today took the cake. I've noticed it before, but today I actually read something that set me off. The half gallon of milk I bought is in a waxed cardboard container. The kind we had in school in the lunchroom. You squeezed the carton, pulled the two halves apart, and poured or drank your milk. Now they seem to think this is too tough for mere mortals, so they have installed a plastic screw-off top in the side of the carton top. You unscrew it, pull out a plastic seal, and pour your milk. Then you screw on the top. How stupid is this? Besides adding costs to the packaging, and thus the product, how is this necessary? It can't possibly add to the shelf life of the milk. It never spoilt any faster when you just folded the end over. And think of the petroleum resources used to create all this unneeded plastic. So, this company has decided to really make themselves look foolish, at least to smart people like me. They have GREEN caps, and this is supposed to encourage you to go to their website, enter the product UPC, then choose which of various green charities you want them to donate their money to. And I guess that money is only donated based on people voting. I love it! Using ANTI-GREEN packaging to promote green giving. How about doing away with the caps, and donate the savings to those charities without all the hoopla?

I just don't understand. Yes, I want my new product, or food, or medicine provided to me clean, safe, and easy to use. But do NOT make me work for it. And how about saving us all a few cents and drop the extra layers of crap you use for completely unfathomable reasons. Thank you. Rant finished.

04 September 2010

Gasp, gasp, help me, I'm choking!

Wandering through a mall one day, I followed a friend into a Dollar Store (or something similar). I browsed all the trinkets that can be manufactured, shipped and sold at retail for about $1, with the entire supply chain making a profit! What a business model that must be!

I found a product that I just had to have. A baseball. Not because I play baseball (I am sort of a fan of baseball). But because of the warning on the package. Here is the baseball, in its original package as it came from the store:

The package indicates that this is an "Official Size" Baseball. But please note the warning! How silly is this! For those who may not be able to see the warning well, it says:
CHOKING HAZARD-This toy is a small ball.
Not for children under 3 yrs.
If your child under the age of three can open their mouth the requisite 3 inches to insert said baseball, please send a picture. I want to put you in touch with a carnival that needs a new sideshow act!
STUPID! 'Nuff said!