04 September 2010

Gasp, gasp, help me, I'm choking!

Wandering through a mall one day, I followed a friend into a Dollar Store (or something similar). I browsed all the trinkets that can be manufactured, shipped and sold at retail for about $1, with the entire supply chain making a profit! What a business model that must be!

I found a product that I just had to have. A baseball. Not because I play baseball (I am sort of a fan of baseball). But because of the warning on the package. Here is the baseball, in its original package as it came from the store:

The package indicates that this is an "Official Size" Baseball. But please note the warning! How silly is this! For those who may not be able to see the warning well, it says:
CHOKING HAZARD-This toy is a small ball.
Not for children under 3 yrs.
If your child under the age of three can open their mouth the requisite 3 inches to insert said baseball, please send a picture. I want to put you in touch with a carnival that needs a new sideshow act!
STUPID! 'Nuff said!

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