16 November 2009

A Great Quote VIII

"There are those people today who live the same life, day-in day-out - predictable, risk-free, dreamless.  They are the harshest critics of those who choose to break free from this mundane existence. 
In this world, too many people are afraid to pursue the life they truly desire, too afraid of being criticised by others, too afraid of failing, too afraid of not knowing the way.
However, there are also those who choose to follow their dreams, those who choose to rebel, those who strive to be free - those who live.  Stay true to yourself.  Break free from the chains of society - and live.  May you too have the strength and courage to pursue your dreams."

10 November 2009

Rules....I just can't put enough emphasis on Rules...

It's happening again. In today's ThisIsCornwall.co.uk, they report another instance of "let's make it 100% safe for everyone all the time". (Note that "paddling" is defined as wading and splashing out to waist deep water.)
        "Schoolchildren Facing Paddling Ban
Before shoes and socks are removed for an ankle-deep walk at the water's edge, organisers must put 'proper measures in place' to stop paddlers getting into trouble or suffering from hypothermia after a quick dip in the sea."
Yes, that's right. Children in England may no longer wade at shore's edge before, after or during school trips.
"Required checks at the coast – as well as at rivers and ponds – include looking for sharp stones and strong currents.

Under guidance entitled 'Avoiding impromptu water-based activities', the Department for Children, Schools and Families warns: 'The pleas of children or young people to bathe – because it is hot weather, for example, or after a kayaking exercise – should be resisted where the bathing has not been prepared for.'

The guidance says that paddling and other 'in-water activities' should take place 'only when a proper risk assessment has been completed and proper measures put in place to control the risks'.

Teaching staff will have to dip their toes in first – because the department rules state that assessment is best made 'preferably in the water so that unseen submerged hazards can be identified'.

If a beach is cleared for children to enter the sea, no child should be able to swim deeper than waist height, adds the guidance.

It says: 'Be aware of the dangerous effects of sudden immersion in cold water, also of the dangers of paddling, especially for children or in rough seas.'"

Now I'm not against being careful. And checking things out. But that is common sense, and in my not-so-humble opinion, not regulated.

05 November 2009

A Great Quote VII

"When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure."

- Peter Marshall

03 November 2009

5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do

Gever Tulley, founder of the Tinkering School, has got it right. This video is worth your nine and a half minutes. It's been my philosophy for years.

Too cool!