01 October 2012

Business To Take Care Of

I have a business account with Bank of America (BoA). It is free as long as I use my business debit card once a month. Weird requirement for a tiny business like mine. I can spend $2.00 and BoA makes about 70¢ on that transaction (taken out of the merchant's revenue). But if I forget to buy a biscuit on the way to a shoot (or on the way to my day job), it costs me $15!!!

Last month, I got a Text Alert from BoA!!!! A Balance Alert!!!! I admit I don't keep a lot of money in my business account; I tend to transfer money in when I need it to cover business expenses, and with the trip to England I let the balance drop a bit. But a Balance Alert? WTF?

I stormed into the local branch at lunch time. A very nice "Personal Banker" takes me into his cubicle and lets me rant. He (almost) instantly reminds me that I have to use the card monthly. I explained I was out of the country and simply forgot.

He leaves and gets another man, a manager. This gentleman also listens to my rant, and indicates that they will refund my fees. For this month. And August. I am happy when I leave, but I figure that I will have to go back to the bank this month to get the other $15 back.

SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!! My Online Statement reminder comes. I hit my account. Amazingly, BoA (probably my "Personal Banker") has refunded the $15 taken out the day before. Could it be that BoA has figured it out and decided that their customers are more important than their bottom line?

NAH, NO WAY! I just got lucky that my "Personal Banker" found whatever Post-It note he wrote last month. But I'm happy to have my $15 back, and to say thanks, I bought a $2 biscuit the other morning so BoA would get their 70¢ and thank ME! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Oh, and as a side note on financial matters...I saw a TV ad that offers a personal signature loan of $10,000. Just go online and apply. Here's the APR notice: 89.68%. HOLY FUCK ME!!! 68 monthly payments of $752.93!!!! For those if you un-inclined to launch calculator.exe, that equates to a total repayment of $51,199.24!!!! How desperate can you be? I guess if I needed to get out of jail and had Internet access while under arrest, this might work. But of course, then I'd disappear and never repay these thieves. Good heavens, is the economy that bad that corporations made to help people who need help are ripping off everyone ELSE???

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