30 June 2012

England: Picture Catchup!

Here we go! Captions will hopefully explain and refer to posts...

Pictures from Bletchley Park...
The Bletchley Mansion. In and of itself, it's a mystery!

The Bombe machine. It cut the time needed to decode
Enigma messages by hours!

Collosus, the first computer, used to
decrypt German messages even more

A captured German Enigma machine.

Pictures from the trip from Cambridge to Long Buckby...
The trains are modern, comfortable, FAST - all electric.

They are also PUNCTUAL, at least in my experience!

The marina at Crick, filled with narrowboats.

The Red Lion

The room at Murcott Mill Farm B&B...the good: it's comfortable, the
food is excellent, the toilet and shower work as they should...
the bed: the Wi-Fi is iffy at best, and comes and goes...as does the TV;
I'm not sure what's doing what, but the TV will suddenly say "No Signal" and
you have to turn off the TV and box at the outlet, then turn it all back on again.

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