03 May 2014

Whole Lotta Water Movin' On!

The James River is raging! Over flood stage (but not by much). Still the river is "closed" unless you have a permit, and a WHOLE LOT OF WATER IS MOVING DOWN IT!!!
I've been wanting to take a picture like this for a while. But this isn't how I wanted to get it. The view you see is the Bosher Dam. The dam is upstream of the falls of the James. Normally, you can see a drop of about 12 feet, and "it is what paddlers ruefully call a 'drowning machine.'" Now, about 3 feet of drop is visible.

Here is what the National Weather Service's graphs show:
That's a lot of water, folks! And if you want to see how much, click here, and look for the "##.#kcfs" part, that's HOW MANY THOUSANDS OF CUBIC FEET OF WATER ARE MOVING ALONG numbers!

I took this picture from the Willey (pronounced "willie") Bridge. This a mile-long, four lane, divided bridge (Rt. 150) over the James River, connecting south Richmond to western Henrico County.
I drove out onto the bridge with the intent of stopping in the emergency lane, hopping out (wearing hi-viz, see below), take a few pictures, and depart, hopefully before a cop showed up, or someone ran into me. I chickened out. It was rush hour, so I pulled over, and with a preset camera, shot the picture through the passenger side window, and beat feet outta there!

Then I went down closer to Pony Pasture and saw this, so I stopped to take more pics!

The dog didn't fair much better, but at least he had a leash to pull him in!
Then I went on down to Pony Pasture so you could have a SELFIE! HAHAHA

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