07 January 2010

A completely off topic rant...

I love technology. I work in it, I play in it.

Why the heck can't I push a button on my remote when I see a promo for a TV show that I want to record on the DVR, and have it schedule the recording????

In fact, I should be able to push a button and have the DVR ask if I want the whole program, the whole series, or just the one episode airing 2 or 3 or 4 weeks in advance - way past when it's doable to fast forward the on-screen guide out that far - IF it goes out that far...mine certainly doesn't, and there is no date search.

If the networks know when a program will air, and promotes it relentlessly, why can't the delivery systems (Cable, FTTH, over the air- well, ok, not OTA) make it easy to work out as far as the networks do?!?!?!
Just a rant...

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