05 September 2009

I Broke a Solemn Vow

I did it. Finally. I broke a solemn vow. I swore I would never start blogging. I don't think anyone cares too much about what I have to say about much of anything. But some things have come to light that sort of stick in my craw, and I want to rant. Or rave. Or just speak out.

I've got some things to say. Mostly positive, but I reserve the right to be somewhat negative occasionally. Hey, it's a free country. I do have my opinions, and I am an EXPERT ON THE WORLD!

I hope you'll find this commentary relevant, perhaps irreverent, and at least entertaining. Please feel free to comment, add in, and have a good time. This blog will ramble, poke, examine, and hopefully entertain you enough that you will keep on coming back!

Thanks for reading on.


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